Joint Seat Allocation Authority 2022

IITs, NITs, IIEST, IIITs and Other-GFTIs for the Academic Year 2022-23

Type of the institute: Indian Institute of Technology
Complete Mailing Address: Indian Institute of Technology Indore Simrol, Khandwa Road Pin code 453 552, Indore (MP) India
Contact Person For Admission: Assistant Registrar, Academic Affairs
Designation: Assistant Registrar
Alternate Email:
Phone Nos: 91-731-6603150
Fax No: 91-731-6603121
Mobile No.: -

About the Institute

Having laid its foundation on 17 February 2009, IIT Indore, an institute of national importance, has carved a niche in Academics and Research & Development. The past ten summers of IIT Indore since its inception, has seen the Institute to grow multidimensional in fields of Engineering, Basic Sciences and Social Sciences. The focus of the Institute has always been to mould raw minds into Researchers and Innovators. The ranking of the Institute in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), wherein it stands as the one of the best amongst all new IITs, bears testimony to the fact that IIT Indore has lived up to its vision of Research and Innovation.  

The Institute is a preferable choice to many industries, companies and PSUs for placement owing to the bright minds carefully nurtured for research and innovation. Core profiles in the Computer Science, IT, Software, Machine Learning/Data Science domains have been the major highlights of the Campus Placements in the recent past. While on the domestic front, Companies like Goldman Sachs, Infurnia, DEShaw, Razorpay, Oracle, Amazon, Jio Platforms, Walmart, Siemens made the highest number of offers, well-paid international offers were made by Rakuten Mobile Inc., Accenture Japan, Money Forward Inc. and Chowagiken Pvt. Ltd.

Fortified with state-of-the-art Teaching and Research Labs, the Institute widened its vision and forayed into innovative and entrepreneurship. This was done to nurture startups and accelerate the growth and success of early stage startups through an array of business support, financial and technical services. These include seed capital, physical space, coaching, common legal, administrative & financial services and networking connections. 

In the India Ranking-2021 released by National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), IIT Indore has been ranked 13th amongst all engineering institutions. As per Times Higher Education World University Rankings, IIT Indore has been ranked in the range of 401-500 amongst world universities and ranked 78 as per Times Higher Education Asian University Rankings 2021. 

The Institute has major plans and thought processes underway, for the expansion of the teaching and research activities and making them more relevant to industries and society. There are plans for new UG as well as PG academic programs. It is also planned to develop new Industrial Research Park, where industries can cross-over and bring them closer to the Institute._

Fee Structure

Fee Structure for Indian Students




(for General, EWS and OBC students)


(for SC, ST and PwD students)


Tuition Fee

₹ 100,000

₹ 0


Group Insurance Premium per semester

₹ 1,600

₹ 1,600


Per Semester Registration fee

Examination Fee

₹ 500

₹ 500

Registration Fee

₹ 500

₹ 500

Gymkhana Fee

₹ 1,500

₹ 1,500

Medical Fee

₹ 1,500

₹ 1,500

Student Benevolent Fund Fee

₹ 300

₹ 300

Student Welfare Fund  (per semester from AY 2019-20)

₹ 500

₹ 500

Laboratory/ Research facilities fee

₹ 1,500

₹ 1,500

Total C

₹ 6,300

₹ 6,300


One Time Admission Fee

Admission Fee

₹ 1,000

₹ 1,000

Grade Sheets Fee

₹ 400

₹ 400

Smart Card fee

₹ 400

₹ 400

Medical Examination Fee

₹ 400

₹ 400

Degree Certificate Fee

₹ 400

₹ 400

Convocation Fee

₹ 3,000

₹ 3,000

Alumni Association Membership Fee

₹ 1,500

₹ 1,500

Training and Placement Fee

₹ 1,000

₹ 1,000

Student Welfare Fund



Total D

₹ 8,100

₹ 8,100


Refundable Security  Deposits

Institute Security Deposit



₹ 10,000



₹ 10,000

Security Deposit for Library

Security Deposit for Dinning Facility

Security Deposit for Accommodation

Total E 

₹ 10,000

₹ 10,000


Fee for Accommodation and Other Facilities  Provided in it (per semester) *



₹ 16,000


₹ 16,000

Electricity and Water Charges

Facility Charges

Total F 

₹ 16,000

₹ 16,000


Semester Mess Advance per semester

₹ 17, 550

₹ 17, 550


Total (A + B + C + D + E + F + G) 

₹ 1,59,550

₹ 59,550

 Fee Structure for BTech and Preparatory Programme at IIT Indore (For International Students)

     Foreign Students including students belonging to OCI/PIO getting admission through JEE (Advanced) examinations shall be

    charged as under:


For International Students including OCI/PIO

S No

Academic Program

Year/Semester of Admission

For the duration of

2022 Autumn Semester


Tuition Fee ()

Other Charges Including Accommodation and Dining Charges ()




₹ 3,00,000

₹ 59,550


Any other applicable charges as notified by the Institute from time to time.

(The fee amount shall be payable in USD as per the exchange rate as on the date of payment)


   1.      Students are supposed to pay entire fee at the time of registration and no installment payment will be accepted.

Fee refund policy:

  If a student who withdraws from an academic program after joining and completing registration in the academic program, only Security Deposits paid by the student in his/her academic program will be refunded.

Academic Structure

IIT Indore started BTech program from the year 2009 in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with an intake of 40 in each discipline. From AY 2016-17, total number of seats in each of these three disciplines has been increased to 60. Additionally, two more BTech programmes in the Department of Civil Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering and Material Science are also started with 40 seats in each Department w.e.f. AY 2016-17 onward.  Now the total seat intake for B.Tech program at IIT Indore is 360.

 1) Computer Science and Engineering: Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers Bachelor of Technology (BTech), MS (Research) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs. The discipline adopts a modern approach to teaching wherein students are rendered adequate academic freedom to innovate and learn in the process. State-of-art facilities including the latest software and advanced hardware are available in various laboratories for use in both teaching and research. This facilitates adequate implementation of major BTech projects and for verification and validation of research results. The course structure in the CSE discipline is geared towards catering to students irrespective of their academic backgrounds in computer science. The first year of the BTech program initiates students into computer science through a basic course on Computer Programming. This course is common to students of all disciplines. It is followed by courses like Data Structures, Database and Information Systems, Software Engineering, Algorithms, Discrete Mathematical Structures in the second year through which students are eased into the more specialized concepts of CSE. The third year of the programme exposes students to the more rigorous and ‘core’ subjects of computer science such as Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Compiler Techniques, etc. Students are encouraged to work on projects in the industry and universities in India and abroad. Students are permitted to opt for ‘open elective’ courses from across disciplines for a more holistic development of their understanding of engineering and technology.

 2) Electrical Engineering:  The Department of Electrical Engineering offers a B.Tech. program, two M. Tech. programs with specialization in communication and signal processing (CSP) as well as VLSI Design and Nanoelectronics (VDN) and a Ph.D. program. It further offers a program in MS by (research) from AY 2019-20. The B.Tech. program in Electrical Engineering pertains to the broad disciplines of electrical power engineering, electronics engineering, RF & Microwave engineering, and communication & signal processing. The formal foundation courses in Electrical Engineering include Network theory, Electronic Devices, Introduction to Electrical Systems, Signals and Systems, Analog circuits, Electrical Machines and Power Electronics, Digital Systems, Probability and Random Processes, Electromagnetic waves, Communication Systems and Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation etc. Followed by these foundation courses, the program includes flexibility for advanced courses in each of the sub specialization of EE discipline. The graduated students from EE Department have been well placed in industry and/or have opted for pursuing higher studies in top notch institutes/universities in India/abroad.

3) Mechanical Engineering: Department of Mechanical Engineering offers B.Tech, M.Tech (with specialization in Advanced Manufacturing, Thermal Energy Systems (will be starting from July-2022) and Mechanical System Design), MS-Research and PhD programs. It trains its students in all the required aspects of Mechanical Engineering throughout the span of their BTech Program. This includes the areas of specialization of design engineering, manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering and thermal engineering. The students get hands-on experience of both basic and applied aspects of each and every area of specialization by working in the fully developed, state-of-the-art laboratories. Students graduated from the Department are well placed in various academic, research and industrial sectors both in India and abroad.

4) Civil Engineering: The Department of Civil Engineering started its Flagship Program (B.Tech) in IIT Indore from AY 2016-17, with initial batch size of 40 students.  The Department Offers B.Tech and Ph.D programs in different Specializations which includes Structural, Geotechnical, Water Resources and Hydrology, Environmental and Transportation Engineering. The Department is well equipped with functional laboratories, all-inclusive of Advanced Instruments required for the purpose of Experimental and Computational research, pertaining to each specific Domain. Students are Encouraged to work on Industry Projects and with various Research Institutes in India and abroad. The Programme gives flexibility to students, to opt for Elective Courses from other Disciplines as well, thereby enhancing their multidimensional knowledge. The Graduated Students from the Department of Civil Engineering have been placed in Premier Companies from Construction and Infrastructure Industry, while there are few who are pursuing Higher Studies in Institutes of National Repute.

 5)    Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science: The Department of MEMS was initially started as a Center for Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) comprising of faculty from Schools of basic sciences and engineering. Upon its progress in short period of time, the center for MSE was made into full fledged Department from 2016. Materials continue to play a vital role in almost every technological advancement since the beginning of civilization. The emphasis of the Department is to promote multidisciplinary research to find amicable solutions for the real- world problems and work on the cutting-edge research problems that benefits society. The key research focus of the Department is to understand the processing, structure of several classes of materials and correlate them to the properties and thus enhancing their performance. The department has 15 core faculty members and 1 Ramanujan fellow. The faculty members of the Department work over wide research areas, from conventional metallurgy to modern materials science and engineering. The vision of the Department is to train students who will be the future industry leaders as well as get global recognition for its excellence in materials education and research.

Academic Curriculum and Rules


Rules For Change Branch

After successful completion of the first two semesters, student can apply for change of branch, subject to the fulfillment of the following conditions:

    I.    Students without any non-credit earning grades (i.e. FR, XX & NP) and having CPI > 6.5 for students of GEN and OBC-NC categories and CPI>6.0 for students of SC and ST categories are eligible to apply and can give their choices.

    II.   Top 1% students of the total students who complete first year of study will be eligible for change of branch without any constraints.

    III.  For other students change will be permitted strictly on merit cum preference basis.

    IV.  The request for change (in order of merit cum preference) from branch A to branch B will be considered if:-

               (a) Number of transfers to branch B does not exceed 10% of its sanctioned strength inclusive of two vacancies for meritorious eligible students of SC and ST categories.

               (b) Number of students on roll in the branch A does not fall below 85% of its sanctioned strength.

               (c) The request of Student 1 will be re-considered (again in order of merit cum preference) if student 1 does not violate point (b) above due to another student getting transfer to branch A.

               (d) If student 1 is not permitted to change from branch A to B (due to (b) above), any other student in any branch with CPI less than Student 1 will also not be permitted to change to branch B

     V.  Branch Change will be allowed only once at the beginning of the second year of B Tech programme. No application for change of branch during the subsequent academic years will be entertained.

    VI.  If there is a tie between two students then the student having more number of higher grades will have higher merit.


Being the hub of research and development, IIT Indore has around 170 highly motivated faculty members. They are the mentors, philosophers, and guides to the students. As faculty advisors, they are the local guardian to the students and ensure that the students receive a conducive environment to explore the sea of knowledge with no distraction. With inter-disciplinary approach, they will provide a new arena to research and innovation to the students. The industry-oriented research has led to the invention of new products, processes, and technologies. Large number of projects have been completed and ongoing in the Institute from various funding agencies.

Having more than 60 National and International MoU’s, the faculties are actively engaged with the bests in the field globally, thus providing formative exposure to the students. They have published books in the reputed international and national publishers while some are members of Editorial Boards of the reputed international and national journals.  They are involved in the effective conduct of the tutorials and laboratory classes. Eminent professors from National and International Institutes are also invited to augment the existing academic resources and to interact and share their knowledge with the students.


Campus: Permanent campus of IIT Indore is located at Simrol located on Indore-Khandwa state highway. The campus is spread over 501.42 acres of land and is about 20 km from Indore city center. Construction of phase 1A is on the verge of completion which includes 12.50 km long Boundary wall, Entry gates, Central Workshop, School building, Hall of Residence (hostel), Studio apartment, Academic POD buildings, Sophisticated Instrumentation Centre (SIC), STP, WTP, Computer Centre (Hub building), Cafeteria, Main Receiving Station, HVAC plant, Director’s office-cum-residence. Whereas, construction of state-of-art four more Halls of Residence (hostel), Health Centre, Library, Sports Complex, Administrative Building, Dining Hall & Food Court, Lecture Hall Complex and Guest House is in full swing. The Institute gets water supply from Narmada Valley Development Authority. The campus has branch office of Canara bank and its ATM, building of Canara bank is also constructed. ATM facility of State Bank of India and HDFC are also available in the campus. Post office is also functioning from the campus. Shopping Centre under the aegis of IIT Indore Cooperative Society has been made functional to cater the daily needs of residents. 

Institute has complete modern academic facilities including modern classrooms with sophisticated audio-video teaching aids, computer labs, various teaching labs having state-of-art sophisticated equipment and instruments and ever-expanding Central Library, Virtual classroom (VCR) under NKN project with state-of-art video-conferring facilities. The classrooms with 150 plus seating capacity are air conditioned.  The institute has also acquired state-of-art research equipment and facilities to cater to the research interests and needs of its PhD students, PG students, Post-doctoral fellows and faculty members also to attract best of the PhD students and faculty members. Institute has some centers of excellence established under FIST funding from DST of Govt. of India namely Center of Excellence (CoE) in Gear Engineering and Power Transmission Grid. In addition to that few more centers namely, Center for Advanced Electronics (CAE), Center of Futuristic Defense and Space Technology (CFDST), Center of Innovation, Incubation, Entrepreneurship and Industry Relations (CIIEIR), Center for Rural Development and Technology (CRDT). are established for research enhancement.

 Library: The Central Library of IIT Indore provides students and faculty members resources for their varied needs, a comfortable and peaceful environment conducive to study including wi-fi enabled and air-conditioned reading rooms and help in locating and using the resources. The resources of the Central Library include books, e-resources, magazines, and newspapers. The text book collection in the library provides vital support for on-going UG, PG and PhD programs. The library has also developed a fine collection of books on literature and English language, and also sports, biographies, and general interest titles. At present, the library has more than 35600 plus books in its collection. The Magazine and Newspaper section includes all prominent technical and general magazines and local and national dailies. The Library provides access to many full-text and bibliographic e-resources from reputed publishers such as Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, Nature, American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry, American Institute of Physics, American Mathematical Society, and many more. The library has also e-books from IEEE-Wiley, and a select collection of e-books from EBSCO and Ebrary platform. The Library regularly organizes demonstrations and training programs for various e-resources to facilitate maximum utilization of these resources. The Library is in the process of introducing various new services to users in addition to the Lending Facility, Reading Room Facility, Renewals, Reservations, etc. The library has automated its services with the help of an integrated library management software ‘Koha’ to provide fast and effective library services to users including OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) facility. The Library Orientation Classes are held for new students at the beginning of the new academic year, where they get to know about the library collection, services, rules and regulations, and are introduced to the Library team.

 Online Information Resources are vital for academic and research institutes in today’s knowledge economy. The library provides its users access to more than 7600+ e-journals. In addition to this, the Library provides access to bibliographic databases such as SciFinder Scholar, Scopus and MathSciNet, among others. The Reading Hall provides a peaceful environment conducive to study.

 The IITI Institutional Repository has been created by the Central Library IIT Indore to showcase, organize, share, and preserve the scholarly output of Indian Institute of Technology Indore. The Repository is designed to facilitate scholarly communication by providing access to the knowledge resources created by IITI and preserving the same for future generations of scholars.

Central Library provides services during 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. The timings are extended to 11.00 p.m. during examinations.

Medical Facilities: IIT Indore has well equipped Health Centre highly skilled and dedicated medial staff including regular doctors and visiting specialized Doctors from Bombay, four staff nurses, two senior nurses and two pharmacists to look after the medical needs of students, faculty and staff members. The institute has MOU with seven best hospitals of Indore City namely Bombay Hospital, Choithram Hospital & Research Centre, Rajshree-Apollo Hospitals, Medanta Hospital, CHL Hospital, Rajas Eye & Retina Research Centre and Metropolis Healthcare Ltd to cater to the medical requirements of the students, faculty, staff, and their dependants. The students, faculty and staff members and their dependents are issued smart cards to ensure cashless medical treatment to the patient along with issue of the required medicines. Moreover, Institute doctor is available in the premises of Hall of Residence (hostel) on regular basis. For medical emergencies, a round-the-clock ultra-modern advanced ambulance with Advance Life Support System and transportation facility is also available at the Institute

Hall of Residence: IIT Indore provides one of the best accommodations in the country to its students by accommodating all its students in a fully furnished 5 BHK flat having 5 five bedrooms, one living room, small kitchen, two washrooms, and two toilets with one student occupying one bedroom. The living room of each 5 BHK unit is equipped with state-of-art facilities such as refrigerator, sofa set, discussion table, etc. Each bedroom of a   5 BHK unit has modern furniture such as cot, chair, table, almirah, geyser, etc. so that students get home environment. Each apartment is provided with first-aid box and fire extinguisher for security concern. Apartment type of accommodation facility gives students enough space for their studies and living. The institute has well maintained, spacious and hygienic dining halls, food kiosk and cafe serving both for veg and non-veg food. Students are provided four meals a day: Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks and Dinner. Night time canteen facilities are also available. Many recreational, sports facilities and gym are available for overall personality development of the students. Printing and photocopying facility is also available. Counselling facility is available by professionally trained Students Counsellor inside the campus so that students can interact whenever they are under stress. Dedicated wardens and security officer is available for their security and taking care of their emergency issues. IITI Hall of Residence also has a student activity center which includes facility like indoor games, music room etc.

Transportation: The institute has a fleet of 5 buses of various capacity for facilitating the students, faculty and staff to commute from place to another within and outside the campus. In addition to that Institute have 10 Green Vehicle with capacity of 4, 6 and 14 passengers to commute within the campus by running these vehicles green campus concept is being observed. The institute also provides transport facility on Saturdays and Sundays which does not include gazette holidays, for visiting the city to meet their marketing needs. The facility of institute vehicles is also extended to the students for outreach excursion/sports/cultural activities.

Student Life at Institute

Student Life at IIT Indore comprises a judicious balance between different academic and extra-curricular activities. Besides the regular academic activities associated with the respective degree program that the student is associated with, there are some interesting co-curricular activities that students indulge in. These include BTech project work, projects as part of different courses, industrial visits, etc. that go a long way in bolstering the student knowledge, experience, and personality. Extra-curricular activities of students are driven by a systematic structure of clubs within the institute that channelize the activities. Some worth-mentioning clubs include Literary Club, Dance Club, Drama Club, Music Club, Programming Club, Electronics Club, Cynaptics Club, Robotics Club, Science and Technology Club, Quiz Club, Prakriti Wildlife Club, Gaming Club, etc. that contribute to an all-round development of the students. A notable venue of extra-curricular activities for students is the Entrepreneurship Cell that encourages students to come up with 'out of the box' ideas and provides a 'seed' infrastructure for the realisation of the same. Consequently, many start-ups have been initiated by some IITI students. Faculty members at IIT Indore are widely known to be not just wonderful teachers that are open and easily approachable but are also outstanding researchers in their respective fields. This coupled with the fact that IIT Indore has a very healthy student-to-faculty ratio plays a definitive role in providing the students with the best environment possible for learning and an all-round development.

There is an active social welfare initiative taken up by students of IIT Indore called 'Avana' that plays a significant part towards the welfare of underprivileged peoples in and around Indore. This includes and is not limited to conducting teaching activities for rural children, distribution of basic clothing and blankets through a donation mechanism, conducting blood donation camps, and more recently developing educational content such as videos for the benefit of the rural folk.

Many technical events are regular features at IIT Indore namely the BAJA competition (that includes the design and development of an 'all terrain' vehicle with optimal costs and resources), Robocon (comprising design and development of innovative robots), the ACM ICPC (colloquially known as the 'Olympics of Programming' where IIT Indore has regularly featured and won accolades), etc.

A robust coaching structure is available at IIT Indore for various sporting activities comprising Cricket, Basketball, Football, Swimming, Athletics, and others. IIT Indore regularly participates in several sporting events including the annual Inter-IIT Sport Meet and its performance is improving with every passing year. Sports Council at IIT Indore organize many indoor & outdoor events while encouraging participation in various sports events, sports’ talks, etc. like sports’ fests, Chess Tournaments, Cycling Competitions, Yoga Sessions, Marathon races & Challenge Runs, tournaments for cricket, basketball, throwball, dodgeball, badminton, volleyball, football, Athletics, swimming, etc.

Fluxus, IIT Indore's annual Techno-Cultural festival is Central India’s largest and plays host to some of the country's biggest names in music, science, literature. Quite a few cultural and technical events are organised around the festival and the institute sees participation from students from all over the country.

Financial Assistance

Following scholarships to BTech students at IIT Indore:

1. Exemption from payment of Tuition fee for SC, ST and PwD students

2. Remission of tuition fee to the economically weak students as per MHRD guidelines.

3. Interest-free education loan for the students whose parents’ incomes is in the range from 5-9 Lacs as per MHRD guidelines. 

4. Central Sector Scholarship to SC students from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and to ST students from the Ministry of Tribal Affairs of Govt. Of India.

5. Scholarships from different states

Scholarships instituted by various notified private trusts.

Training & Placement

IIT Indore has always strived for building a Strong mutually beneficial association with the recruiters and hence creating better opportunities for the students in placements and internships. The same is evident from our results, as IIT Indore has achieved a remarkable record of 95% placement in recent placement session. The average salary package in last few years has been INR 20 lakhs per annum and highest package received is INR 56 Lakhs per Annum. Many of these companies offered lucrative internship/project work opportunities to our students along with full time offers. The highest stipend received is INR 1.50 lakhs per month. Usually, 5-10% students have been going for higher studies to top ranked foreign universities, IIMs, IITs whereas 3-5% students start their own enterprises and start-ups.

 _Students are offered various job roles (both Domestic and International recruiters) in areas like Automobile, Software Engineering/Developing, Technology Consulting, Analytics, Research & Development, Graduate Engineering Trainee, Data Scientist, Associate Engineering, PSUs etc. The companies from various sectors have visited IIT Indore which mainly includes Google, Amazon, Microsoft, DE-Shaw, IBM India, Samsung R&D India, CISCO, Bosch, GE India, Barclays, Deloitte, Arcesium, TCS, Infurnia, Infosys, CMC Ltd., Impetus, CSC Ltd., AQR Capital, Finisar Malaysia, Altair India, Qualcomm, Morgan Stanley, CA Technologies, HSBC Technology, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Axtria, Mu Sigma, Mahindra, Strand Life Sciences, National Instrument, L&T, ISRO, BPCL, HPCL, IOCL, Coal India, DRDO, Eicher-Volvo Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., AVTEC Pvt. Ltd., TATA Motors, Endurance Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Honda, Epic, FICO, Blue Star, Reliance, Samsung Solutions, Trident Group, United Health Group Ltd., Mastercard, Uniken India Pvt. Ltd., Virtusa, HCL Technologies, L&T, Practo, Book My Show, Future First, Codenation, Goldman Sachs, Walmart, Directi, Salesforce, Razorpay, Go-Jek, Intel, TESCO, Innovaccer, Oracle, Mathworks, MAQ Software, Cognizant, Evalueserve, Bharat Forge, Reliance Jio, Bharat Seats, Maruti Suzuki, Wipro, Mentor Graphics, Analog Devices, UpGrad, L&T Infotech, Capgemini, and many more, while we had some Prominent International Recruiters like Rakuten Mobile Inc., Accenture Japan, Money Forward Inc. etc. as part of On-Campus Placement Drive.

Industry And Alumni Relations

The Alumni Cell of IIT Indore is the point of contact for all alumni matters including Industry and Research firms with the purpose of Liasoning and collaborations, industry funded research projects, industry consultancies, joint supervision of BTech project and MSc, MTech and PhD thesis, innovations, patents and licensing in coordination with the Center of Innovation, Incubation, Entrepreneurship and Industry Relations. The Cell conducts Industry Academia Conclave (IAC) to fulfil these objectives on timely basis. It is a platform for fostering constructive interaction between the industry and the academia and to discuss about prospective associations in the areas of industry-academia partnership. Significant advances have been since 2012 in this field enabling MoUs with IBM, GE Healthcare and numerous other companies and organisations. IIT Indore offers three adjunct faculty positions for industry personnel. In this regards, one can directly approach Director IIT Indore or Alumni Cell team.

Alumni Relations: A strong and contributing alumni network forms an essential factor in shaping the performance trajectory of an institute. IIT Indore currently boasts of about 1900 alumni of former UG, PG and PhD students graduated till 2021. A generous fraction of these students is pursuing higher education in reputed national and international universities, a large number is engaged in nation-building through providing services to Public Sector Units and internationally renowned organizations, and others have taken up entrepreneurial path by getting involved in setting up their own firms and businesses.

Alumni members are provided access to various institute facilities such as library, e-resources, accomodation, laboratory access at subsidized rates. Career guidance and ideas of business development are provided to the alumni in congruence with the Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre (CIIER) of the Institute.  Magnum Opus is an annual meet which is conducted as part of Alumni Relations. We also Invite Prominent Alumni as dignitaries during our Annual Convocation each year. 

Recreational/Extra Curricular activities

There is an active social welfare initiative taken up by students of IIT Indore called 'Avana' that plays a significant part towards the welfare of underprivileged people in and around Indore. This includes and is not limited to conducting teaching activities for rural children, distribution of basic clothing and blankets through a donation mechanism, conducting blood donation camps, and more recently developing educational content such as videos for the benefit of the rural folk.

Many technical events are regular features at IIT Indore namely the BAJA competition (that includes the design and development of an 'all terrain' vehicle with optimal costs and resources), Robocon (comprising design and development of innovative robots), the ACM ICPC (colloquially known as the 'Olympics of Programming' where IIT Indore has regularly featured and won accolades), etc. A robust coaching structure is available at IIT Indore for various sporting activities comprising Cricket, Basketball, Football, Swimming, Athletics, and others. IIT Indore regularly participates in several sporting events including the annual Inter-IIT Sports Meet and its performance is improving with every passing year.

Fluxus -  IIT Indore's annual Techno-Cultural festival is Central India’s largest and plays host to some of the country's biggest names in music, science, literature. Quite a few cultural and technical events are organized around the festival and the institute sees participation from students from all over the country.

Location and Accessibility

By Air: Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport (IDR) is the most busiest airport of MP and is about 8 km from Indore city. This is one of the best in India and offers good connectivity from major cities of India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Jabalpur, Bhopal, Nagpur, and Raipur. International travelers can get connecting flights to Indore from Delhi (800 kms.) or Mumbai (655 kms.) airport. There are at least 5 airlines operating in Indore: Air India, Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Jet Lite and Indigo.

By Rail: Indore Junction Railway Station (INDB) is an important railway station in Western railway zone. It is well connected to major Indian cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Howrah, Bhopal, Ujjain, Gwalior, Bhind, Jabalpur, Bilaspur, Khandwa, Lucknow, Varanasi, Patna, Ambala Ct, Jammu, Dehradun and Trivandrum.

By Bus: Indore is well connected by state road transport public bus services. The national highway NH3 (Bombay-Agra Road) and NH59 (Indore-Ahmedabad Road) passes through Indore and there are daily bus services from Indore to Mumbai, Jaipur, Gwalior, Bhopal, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat etc. Regular buses, Super fast and Deluxe A/C buses are also available in these routes.

How to reach IIT Indore:

IIT Indore is located at Simrol, on Indore-Khandwa state highway. It is 35 km away from Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport and 28 km away from Indore Junction. There are three major Bus stand in Indore i.e. Sarwate Bus Stand (near Indore Junction), Gangwal Bus Stand and Teen Imli Bus Stand and their distance from IIT Indore is 24 km, 31 km and 21 km respectively. 

Taxi/ Cab can be hired to reach IIT Indore from these places. Indore-Khandwa Buses also ply from Sarwate Bus Stand regularly in every 15-30 minutes; these buses can be boarded to reach IIT Indore.  

Academic Programwise Seats breakup

Institute CodeProgram CodeAcademic Program NameState/All India SeatsSeat PoolOPENOPEN-PwDGEN-EWSGEN-EWS-PwDSCSC-PwDSTST-PwDOBC-NCLOBC-NCL-PwDTotal(includes Female Supernumerary)
Seat Capacity Female Supernumerary
105 4109 Civil Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) All India Gender-Neutral 17 1 4 0 6 0 3 0 11 0 42
50 3
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 4 0 1 0 2 0 1 0 3 0 11
(including "3" Supernumerary)
105 4110 Computer Science and Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) All India Gender-Neutral 24 2 6 0 9 1 5 0 17 1 65
75 7
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 7 0 2 0 2 0 1 0 4 1 17
(including "7" Supernumerary)
105 4111 Electrical Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) All India Gender-Neutral 25 2 7 0 9 1 5 0 17 1 67
75 10
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 6 1 2 0 3 0 1 0 5 0 18
(including "10" Supernumerary)
105 4125 Mechanical Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) All India Gender-Neutral 26 2 6 1 10 0 5 1 17 1 69
75 12
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 6 1 2 0 3 0 1 0 5 0 18
(including "12" Supernumerary)
105 4128 Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) All India Gender-Neutral 17 1 4 0 6 0 3 0 11 0 42
50 3
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 4 0 1 0 2 0 1 0 3 0 11
(including "3" Supernumerary)
     Total Seats 136 10 0 0 52 2 26 1 93 4 360
325 35

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